Skin side effects of depilation

Possible skin reactions after wax depilation or sugar paste:

During hair removal, our body suffers a certain level of trauma. During depilation, damage to the hair follicles is done, so the hair grows much slower. Since hair removal can cause stress in your body, sometimes it can lead to various skin reactions.

Extreme skin reactions during wax or sugar paste are not common, but this happens, and you should know what to expect and how to deal with them. The master of depilation is well trained in skin care and knows what to do in the event of any reaction. If you have any kind of reaction, it is important to immediately contact the master who will inform you what to do in a particular case.

Skin reactions that may occur after wax depilation or sugar paste:

  • Histamine reactions
  •  Ingrown hair
  •  Red perifolicular edema
  •  Bacterial infection

Histamine reaction

Histamine reaction does not mean that you are allergic to wax or sugary product. This reaction is characterized by removing hair most often during the first few times. Histamine production is one way the body protects itself from suspected attack stress. Histamine reaction is easily recognizable by rash. This reaction can occur immediately after waxing or sugar paste. Histamine is very useful, during the reaction, blood vessels and their permeability increases. As the size of the blood vessels increases during the reaction, this leads to erythema, i.e. redness. Histamine reaction usually lasts several hours. Histamine reaction is not common, but if it occurred, it can be treated with antihistamines or natural products containing lavender, which has anti-inflammatory properties. In constant wax depilation or sugar paste, the phenomenon of histamine reaction disappears.

Growing hair

When hair can not grow through the surface of the skin, we call it hair growth. Hair growth is classified in 3 degrees of difficulty:

  • Light: Hair grows directly beneath the surface of the skin. The skin should be scrubbed with mechanical peeling and/or to uproot the hair with tweezers. As a rule, such growth lasts several days.
  • Medium: ingrown hair is deep and causes swelling around the infected area. The skin should be scrubbed with mechanical and chemical (acid) peeling. Such growth usually lasts 1-2 weeks, but can last longer if they are not properly treated.
  • Severe. Ingrown hair is often found in many areas under the surface of the skin. If you do nothing, hair growth will only increase, rashes, cysts may appear, aesthetically it will not look beautiful. The skin should be scrubbed with mechnic and chemical (acid) peeling, moisturizing, applying a constant single hair removal method. Such hair growth usually takes a long time to achieve an aesthetic result, it is necessary to listen to the recommendations of a skilled master of depilation.

Prevention: the right method of depilation can reduce the possibility of grown hair. An experienced master of depilation will remove the hair from the root, and will not break them from the surface of the skin. Wax depilation or sugar paste significantly reduces hair augmentation. Before depilation, it is necessary to release the mechanical peeling of the skin. In the presence of hair extensions, it is necessary to perform mechanical peeling of the skin and /or chemical (acid) peeling after depilation. Mechanical exfoliation affects the level of the surface of the skin, chemical peeling affects the cellular level, stimulating cell regeneration.


Depilation is carried out with warm wax or sugar paste. Heat or the mechanical introduction of sugar paste into the skin, causing the dilation of blood vessels, as a result of the skin redness. This reaction is very temporary, it can take a couple of hours for redness to pass faster,already after depilation the master will soothe the skin with sedative-anti-inflammatory preparations

Perifolicular oedema

After depilation of the hair follicle, red, as if the point of redness called perifolicular edema. Perifolicular edema quickly dissipates. Usually within 24 hours, so in most cases you do not need special skin care. If redness breaks down over a longer period of time than a day, it is possible to apply sedatives containing aloe vera to the skin.

Bacterial reaction

Bacterial reaction occurs in small white pustules (white apex) on the skin. Although the reaction of histamine will appear almost immediately, the bacterial reaction can usually take 2-3 days before it appears. Pustulums can cause skin irritation and last up to 2 weeks if they are not properly treated. Bacterial reactions occur when the skin is touched after depilation, the recommendations after depilation are not followed. It is recommended to use antibacterial ointment. It is necessary to refrain from saunas, steam baths, swimming pools, tubs, sexual activity, exercise and other things about 24 hours after depilation.